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For every professional nail modeling is required of high-quality utensils that guarantee precise work. An important tool for this are brush

They allow the correct application of acrylic powder or gel as well as of glitz and stones -. Also drawing unique nail art is possible with the right brush. The result:.

Perfect applied nail model layers of the highest quality and unique creativity strong>

We offer a set of paintbrushes unterschiedlichster procurement, each hurdle can be overcome within your studio.

Will you be using our extensive collection of quality brushes for artists of your nail modellages!

acrylic brush

Our acrylic brushes are the ideal tool for any acrylic modeling,...

gel brush

Our gel brushes are an indispensable tool for your nail designs...

brush Set

The brush our versatile sets are suitable for any type of nail...

Nail brush

Give your nail modeling with our ultra-fine brushes an...

dust brush

Guarantee a clean environment using our high-quality dust brush!...


No possibility for stowage of your brush - then our Pinselhalter...

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