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Glossary - gel model

The gel model layer (also gel system) is a nail model layer using a liquid gel material, which is applied in several layers and cures under LED or UV light. In addition to careful preparation and follow-up, the gel model layer basically contains the following three steps or gel layers:

1. Base or adhesive gel for optimum adhesion

2. Construction or modeling gel (builder gel) for uncomplicated modeling

3. Seal gel (gel gel) for extensive protection and long-lasting shine

A distinction is made between the 1- and the 3-phase gel system (also a multi-phase gel system). The procedure is the same, but in the 1-phase gel system the same gel is used for all steps in which the 3-phase gel system uses a separate gel for each step.
Gel model layers can be used on natural as well as artificial nails and appear very natural and shiny due to their gely consistency. Their application is very time-saving and uncomplicated due to easy handling and curing under LED / UV influence.
The application of gel is therefore suitable for beginners and beginners.