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They provide with our products a versatile selection of high-quality acrylic powders in your studio!

Our wide range includes many neutral tones for natural or French model documents, but also luminous colors and special shades, for example, with glitter or metallic effect.

With these acrylic powders you manage a Nagelmodellage of the highest quality!

maiwell Color Powder

Conjure up stunning designs with these gorgeous acrylic colors!...

maiwell color Metallic Powder

Revolutionize your acrylic nail sets with these shimmering...

CACEE Memoir Powder

We offer first-class acrylic powder Cacee in different...

LeChat jelly Gel Powder

Although it is assumed in the first powdery substance of...

NS 101 Powder

Excellent processing of best quality - are not in vain Powder NS...

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