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Shipping costs

Unless otherwise stated, the delivery and payment terms listed in the terms and conditions apply to all online orders at the maiwell online shop system. Special features of the individual online shops can be found in the separately listed shipping conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery will be made ex warehouse to the delivery address specified by you. Any information about the delivery period are not binding. If the title is out of stock, we will inform you immediately that the product ordered is not available.

When purchasing online, you can only pay in advance, Paypal or as a last name.

Credit cards (American Express, Mastercard, VISA) and direct debit are accepted on site (ex warehouse).

Shipping costs on orders
We charge you the most favorable shipping costs / postage costs under the respective circumstances. As a rule, shipping is calculated by weight and shipping method. Since all shipments are packed and weighed, the costs incurred will be listed on the invoice.

The shipping costs for shipments over 100.00 KG and larger orders please contact us by phone so we can make the best possible offer for you: (+49) 441-935 12 98

The price scales for shipping are:

up to 5 kg 4.50 €
up to 10 kg 5.50 €
up to 15 kg 6.50 €
up to 20 kg 7.00 €
up to 25 kg 7.50 €
up to 31.5 kg € 9.00

Cash on delivery 4,30 € plus the price of the package plus 2 € delivery fee.

up to 100 kg 60,00 €
up to 200 kg 70,00 €
up to 300 kg 90,00 €
up to 400 kg 110,00 €
up to 500 kg 130,00 €
up to 600 kg 150,00 €
up to 700 kg 170,00 €
up to 800 kg 190,00 €
up to 900 kg 210,00 €
up to 1000 kg 230,00 €
up to 1250 kg 250,00 €
up to 1500 kg 270,00 €
up to 2000 kg 310,00 €

DHL Europe Package (Zone 1: Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland)
up to 5 kg 10.50 €
up to 10 kg 12,50 €
up to 15 kg 14,50 €
up to 20 kg 16,50 €
up to 25 kg 18,50 €
up to 31.5 kg 20.50 €
from 31.5 kg by freight carrier

DHL Europe Package (Zone 2: France, United Kingdom, Italy)
up to 5 kg 14,50 €
up to 10 kg 16.50 €
up to 15 kg 18,50 €
up to 20 kg € 20.50
up to 25 kg € 22.50
up to 31.5 kg 24.50 €
from 31.5 kg by freight carrier

DHL Europe Package (Zone 3: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Spain)
up to 5 kg 15,50 €
up to 10 kg 17,50 €
up to 15 kg 19,50 €
up to 20 kg 21,50 €
up to 25 kg 23,50 €
up to 31.5 kg 25,25 €
from 31.5 kg by freight carrier

DHL Europapaket (Zone 4: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary)
up to 5 kg 16.50 €
up to 10 kg 18.50 €
up to 15 kg 20,50 €
up to 20 kg € 22.50
up to 25 kg 24,50 €
up to 31.5 kg 26.50 €
from 31.5 kg by freight carrier

Attention to furniture and bulky goods may deviate, whereupon we have no influence, should this be the case with your order we will get in touch with you.
Deliveries outside Germany incur other delivery costs, which we can not influence.

refund policy

Within 14 days after receipt of the goods, the order can be revoked without stating reasons. The revocation must be made in writing, by email, fax, letter or by returning the goods within this period. Deadline is sufficient for the timely dispatch. After revocation of the purchase contract, the goods are to be returned in a proper condition to the shop owner of company Maiwell. Already made payments will be refunded by bank transfer. For this purpose we need the details of your bank account. The return shipping costs for an order value over 40, - € carries the shop owner. The return shipping costs for an order value under 40, - Euro can be imposed on the buyer.
Please note that labeled and printed items are considered custom-made items and are not covered by the general right of return or revocation. Please notify us in advance by email: mai@maiwell.com

Address for returns:

Company Maiwell
Hochheiderweg 75
26123 Oldenburg, Germany / Germany

Products and prices
After the editorial deadline of individual pages, changes in products and services may have occurred. Design or shape changes, deviations in the color and changes in the scope of delivery or performance by the manufacturer remain reserved during the delivery time, provided that the changes or deviations are reasonable for the customer taking into account the interests of maiwell. The illustrations may also contain accessories, optional extras or other sizes that are not part of the standard scope of delivery or service. Color deviations are technical. Individual pages may also include types and services that are not available in individual countries. Statements about legal, legal and tax regulations and effects are only valid for the Federal Republic of Germany. Otherwise, the terms of sale or delivery are valid on the day of delivery. For our contractual partners, the prices are to be understood as a non-binding price recommendation. Therefore, please ask a branch or a contract partner for the latest status. Copyright Copyright 2009 maiwell. All rights reserved. All texts, pictures, graphics, audio, video and animation files as well as their arrangements are subject to copyright and other laws for the protection of intellectual property. They may not be copied, modified or used on other websites for trading or distribution purposes. Some maiwell websites also contain material that is copyrighted by those who have provided it.

The estimated shipping costs can only be used if the basket is not empty.